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Yesterday was day two of the BlogHer conference. During the lunch break, I wandered out to Union Square to get some fresh air and I hoped a bit of sun. Across the square I saw the sign for Needlepoint, Inc. I have been past this shop many times. But in my seven years of living in the San Francisco Bay Area I had never been. I decided to fix that.

I wandered up to the second floor and found myself in a rich, full world of floss, yarn and canvas. The shop is packed to the gills. One whole wall is nothing but floss and yarn. The display of silk threads is dazzling, so many shimmery colors, from floor to ceiling. I wandered through the shop, looking lovingly at the hand painted canvases. They were works of art in and of themselves, before a strand of thread was even woven into them. And then I saw them... the quilt of Beatrix Potter characters. And I lost all sense of reserve. I'll post separately of what I picked up.

I walked back to the conference, giddy with my new purchase. But really, what was I thinking? Yet another project for me to work on? I barely have time to work on the things I've already started, yet alone take on a 10 panel needlepointed quilt.

And that's when it hit me. I needed another blog. (Yes, still another project). I'm very poor at recording the work that I do. I often make things for others, and after I've gifted them I have nothing to look back on. And perhaps there are others you might be interested in my craftiness.

So... there you go. I'll be filling out the site as quickly as I can. I'm torn between wanting to work on this AND any of my many crafting projects. If only I could type and stitch at the same time.


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