ImagiKnits in San Francisco

I needed some yarn for a couple of hat projects I've decided to start. Rather than trek over to Noe Valley, to Noe Knits, where I usually go for yarn, I decided I'd try one of the other shops in the city. I went over to ImagiKnit in the Mission/Castro.

How is it that I have never been there before? What a lovely store. It's been awhile since I've seen such a wonderful selection of yarns. Their bins go from floor to ceiling. And they are organized by gauge, so as you walk around the room they go from thin to thick. The first room is all wool and animal fibers. The second room seems to be all non-animal, e.g., cottons, silks, bamboo, etc.

I was able to get a lovely collection of yarns for the hats. I also picked up more needles, as I only had one size double pointed needles. They had a lot of brands of needles that I had never seen before. I was able to pick up a pair of addi double pointed (which I can't wait to use). I did get a pair that turned out to be more of a flexible plastic than I realized. Sadly, I've already broken off the tips of two of them (this cast on for the hat is rather tight). I'm not really amused.

I will definitely keep these guys in mind the next time I need supplies. They are on the corner of 18th and Sanchez. There were a number of Muni lines that run right along there. And I was able to find street parking at 6:00 without a problem. Yay!

(Photos from the ImagiKnit website. Next time I'll remember to take some shots.)


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