In The Beginning

I've been making needlecrafts for a long, long time. I can remember working on a little cross-stitched owl as part of a workshop for my Girl Scout 6th Grade Event camp out. This was the same camp out where it rained the whole time and I got a nasty ear infection from sleeping in the platform tent. In any case, the little owl is long gone. But I still remember the rat's nest of knotted yarn that was on the back.

My mother still has a small, framed unicorn needlepoint that I did in elementary school. At least, I know I worked some of it. She may have finished it. At some point I'll have to get a photo of it. I still have a large unicorn needlepoint I started in middle school. It's two-thirds done, but I haven't worked on it in decades. Someday I will finish it though. I'm determined.

Unicorn Needlepoint

My adventures in knitting started much more recently. I know my mother taught me to knit when I was in elementary school, but it just didn't take. Two dear friends of mine taught me to knit at the Adaptive Path holiday party in 2005. I still have that first piece of knitting, just to remind myself how far I have come.

First Try

I love this piece because you can read it like a timeline. It starts out with the drunken, in the dark knitting. Then you can see where I start to get the hang of it, but I get cocky and there are some random yarnovers. Then I go to visit my mother and I transfer the work to her smaller needles. And then she teaches me how to purl and the piece ends in stockinette.

So for anyone who thinks they can't learn how to knit, keep this in mind. 3 years ago I was doing work like this. It just takes practice and patience. Though I suppose that is the case with most things.


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