Progress on Hat #1

Hat Progress

The hat I'm working on is coming along nicely. This is the photo of where it was on July 29. The photo below is what it looked like as of last night. I'm about to start the decreasing. All of the cables will meet together at the center.

This pattern really isn't difficult. The purl into the front and then back stitch was the most complex, but only because I had never done it before. The hat has a number of cable and twist stitches. They make the knitting much slower, especially the twists. I'm not entirely sure that I see the point for them. I'm not sure that I see how that is effecting the resulting pattern. But I'm sure the designer put those stitches there for a good reason.

I'm guessing that I will be finished with this in another couple of days. There are only 26 rows left. Yay! Then I get to move on to the next hat. I have a series of four that I'm working on.

Another Hat Update


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