Purl Front to Back

I'm really enjoying this hat pattern that I'm working on right now. I'm learning new stitches and having lots of fun with the cables.

The latest new stitch is Purl in the Front and the Back. This is a purl-wise increase. I found a lovely little YouTube video that shows you exactly how to do it. It was much easier to watch someone do it than try to step through screenshots or a description in a book. I'm so glad that so many talented knitters have taken to the web!

The one bit that the woman forgot to mention is the little "plop!" that happens after the second purl. You do your regular purl, but don't take the original stitch off the needle. Then you move the back and go into that same stitch, bring your yarn around the back needle and pop it under the back of the stitch. When you do it correctly, there is this little "plop!" that the yarn does as the second purl appears on the right needle. You then take the original stitch off the left need and you have 2 purl stitches. FUN!


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