Rustic Celtic Cable Scarf

I love making things for people I love. I realized back in March that I had yet to make anything for my darling E. I made encouraged him to look through some of my knitting books to see if there was a scarf pattern he liked.

He chose the Rustic Celtic Cable Scarf from Knit Ponchos, Wraps & Scarves by Jane Davis. It's the third cabled scarf in the book, the most complex. Did I mention that I have never knitted cables before?

Rustic Celtic Scarf

The next time we were at Michael's Crafts, E picked out some Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn, in a lovely dark green heathered color. (Pay no attention to the color in the photos. My camera phone apparently doesn't like to capture dark green.) I also got a pack of cable hooks. I tried knitting this with two strands of the Wool-Ease on size 15 needles (which is what I thought the patterns said). It was WAY too big. So I switched to a single strand and size 8 needles. It's coming out much more reasonable in size.

This is the first time I have ever done cables. The first row was a bit challenging (read: I kept ending up with a twisted mess). Then I realized I was suppose to use 2 cable needles. Heh. Much, much easier now. The scarf is coming out at 7 inches wide, while the pattern said 10. I may end up making it longer so it can wrap more times, since it's estimated to be about 18 inches shorter than the original at this gauge.

Cable Detail

I knitted on this a lot when I was at my grandmother's in April. But it does take some focus so I haven't worked it in awhile. It is lots of fun though. I see why so many people enjoy knitting cables.

Erik's Cable Scarf

Rustic Celtic Cable Scarf:
Started March 30, 2008


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