Wireframe As Art

In the fall of 2006 I had a wild idea for a poster at the IA Summit: Wireframe as Art. Wouldn't it be funny to make a craft version of the deliverables we information architects and designs slave over with our computers? So I set out to make a knitted wireframe, a quilted one, and a cross-stitched site map.

I started out with the knitted wireframe. I found a simple wireframe I had created for an actual client and used that for my template. I decided that I wanted to do it in shades of gray, just like a real wireframe. How hard could knitting in multiple colors be? Turns out, it's rather hard.

Knitted Wireframe, Take 3

The biggest problem I had was keeping all the yarn straight. The piece was long enough that I didn't want to carry the colors across the back the whole time, especially since there were a number of them, and they showed through on the white background. I ended up putting little balls of color in different glasses and knitting from there. It made it slow to turn the work, and meant I was pretty stationary when I was knitting.

Knitted Wireframe, Take 3

It took me about three or four tries before I found a system that worked. And I did get better and faster at it. It also helped that the wireframe was simpiler as worked my way up. I started with the footer and moved towards the global navigation.

4:30 PM - Halfway Done

My old camera phone was pretty crappy, but you can see it definately started to come together. I was working on this until the 11th hour. I was knitting it when I got to Vegas for the Summit. I had just finished it and blocked it on a pillow in my hotel room just before going to the opening reception.

The cross-stitched sitemap was much easier, probably because I knew what I was doing. I don't have a photo of the making of the cross-stitch, but here's the finished pillow. Kate made a site map moblie of the same map.

I also don't have any photos of the construction of the quilted wireframe. This one was also pretty easy and I made the top of the quilt in just a few afternoons. Rather than piece the quilt, I heat-and-bonded the fabirc strips to the background. I wouldn't make a regular quilt this way, but since this was so small, and would never be washed I figured it would be okay. I was also running into a time crunch.

Doing the actual quliting was a bit trickier.


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