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So, the problem with quickly whipping out a post between meetings at work is that I forgot to say a lot of the things I meant to say in the post. *sigh* There are a few more things I want to say about the Beatrix Potter Colors cross stitch that I posted yesterday.

One of the main reasons I stopped working on this piece is that it's a really, really tiny Aida cloth count. I think it's 18-point, but it might be as high as 20-point. That's really freaking small. Even with my lovely magnification glasses (remind me to post a photo of that beauty someday) it hurt my eyes to work on it for long periods. I do wonder with my new glasses and better Ott-light if it would be easier to see now.

One of the problems with using Aida cloth is that the edges fray. The smart thing to do to prevent this is to do a quick zig-zag stitch along the edge with the sewing machine. This will keep the edge from fraying as you work on it.

The not-so-smart way to prevent the fraying is to do what I did on this piece: use masking tape to cover the edge. *doh!* I really don't know what I was thinking when I did this. The tape has dried out in places now, and it's left a stained, sticky residue on the fabric. I think I will just leave it and then cut off that edge when I go to have the piece framed. Luckily it's only about a quarter-inch that is taped.


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