The Hat Series Is Officially Over

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For all of you following along at home, the Hat Series is officially over. I completed the fourth and final hat on Saturday. This little cap is another free Ravelry pattern.

Small Cabled Hat

I made this one in a 100% organic cotton. I really like the subtle coloring - just lightly pink with a very, very slight variegation. I'm still a little mixed about the knitting pattern though. I like the subtle cables, but I'm not sure I like how abruptly they stop. I do however love the look of the crown from above.

Small Cabled Hat

I love the way the decreases make a spiral pattern. This one fits a bit small on me, but I'm hoping that my head is just bigger than the intended. I have a far bit of this yarn left over (like, a skein and a half!). Stay tuned for new and exciting dishrags in this yarn.

Cap Karma Cap:
Started: August 10, 2008
Finished: August 16, 2008

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