The United States in Cross-Stitch

This is an amazing counted cross-stitch pattern that I picked up years ago. I purchased it from the now closed Dutch Treat shop in Livermore, CA. It's a map of the United States, complete with major cities, rivers, vegetation, and landmarks.

Cross-Stitched USA

I decided to make my version of the map truly my own. Rather than put in the names of the cities as suggested on the pattern, I decided to include the names of cities that I have lived in. So rather than Detroit, mine says Ann Arbor. It will say Evergreen instead of Denver.

Detail of Map of the United States

Rather than the typical aida cloth that you often seen cross-stitch stitched on (there's a mouthful), this is done on evenweave linen. I'm guessing that it's 32-count, but I honestly can't remember. It's tiny though, which is adding to how long it is taking to make. But it will be lovely when I'm done.

Map of the United States
Started: ~2002


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