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We have two rooms upstairs in the house, our bedroom and another room we call the Sitting Room or Craft Room. You have to walk through this room to get to the bedroom. It's mostly become a dumping ground for things we can't figure out where to put. It's been too disorganized to really craft in it, even after I got a 6-foot table as a work space. So, this weekend I decided that it was time to reclaim the room!

I picked up 5 large drawer-like bins and two smaller ones at Bed Bath and Beyond. (They even took my expired coupons and let me use one per bin! It was like getting the two smaller ones for free!) I may end up going back to get some more so I can replace the older bins with the drawer-like ones. It really makes it so much easier to get to stuff.

It was actually a lot of fun to go through all the bins and see what I have collected over the years. There are a lot of really beautiful patterns and projects in those boxes! I was surprised at the number of quilts that I have in various states of construction: at least 5. I was also surprised at all the fabric that I had picked up to make into gifts for people. Many of whom are no longer in my life. I'm not 100% sure what to do with it... perhaps I'll donate it to the place in Berkeley that takes in random craft supplies.

If you check the last photo on Flickr, I've annotated all the bins so you can see what is where. (Mostly this is for my own reference.) My yarn stash is actually kept downstairs. I usually knit while watching TV downstairs, and it's much more convenient to have it there in easy reach.

I don't have a photo of the crafting table because it is currently covered with E's tools. He finished installing the ceiling fan in the bedroom (it looks and works GREAT!) As so as he cleans up his stuff I'll set up the table for quilting. I think I'll drape a sheet over it so I don't get kitty litter dust all over everything (which was another reason to replace the open drawers with enclosed ones).

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