Gracie's Birth Announcement Cross-Stitch

When I found out that my brother and sister-in-law were pregnant with my nephew, Nicholas, I stitched a birth announcement for him, the Beatrix Potter Storybook Sampler. I had it finished, framed and delivered to them within a few months of the birth. That was back in 1998 and I sadly don't have any photos of it.

When I found out that they were pregnant again, I found a similar pattern to the announcement I had made for Nick, the Beatrix Potter Storybook Sampler II. Gracie will be six years old in February and this poor thing is still less than half finished. I'm sorry Gracie! I swear I will finish it before you graduate college!

I just love the Green Apple cross-stitch patterns. They have such detail. It's a pain to stitch because you are constantly changing colors. But the result in the end is so very lovely. This is I think 16-count Aida. It's a bit bigger than the Colors project, so it's easier on the eyes. But it's still small enough that the stitches feel very delicate and intricate.

Do you notice how the Aida cloth is rolled around the edges. That's because it's been sitting in the stitching frame for the past 5 years. This is why you should always take your needlework out of the hoop/frame when you are not working on it kids. Hopefully steaming it when it's done will flatten it out.

Oh, and they had a third child two years ago, Tony. Unfortunately they don't make a Storybook Sampler III. I may combine images from the first two to make Tony's.

Storybook Sampler II:
Started: Fall 2001


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