Posting Light, Crafting Still Heavy

Posting here is going to be light over the next few weeks. I'm on a business trip and vacation in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Malmö. Woohoo! I'm still knitting (I was able to get 2/3 done on a super sekrit kitmas project on the plane ride over here), but I'm also doing a lot of other stuff.

I was all excited today as I was wondering around Amsterdam, trying to soak up the lovely sun to reset my body clock, and I saw a shop named "Sweet Stitches" across the street. I had to go look and see what they had. But on closer inspection the store was actually named "Sweet Snacks." Silly fancy fonts on the sign made that less than clear. Oh well. I'm still determined to find a crafty store while I'm here.

I spent a late lunch in a nice little cafe, drinking fresh mint tea (are you suppose to take the sprigs of mint out of the water before you drink it? I wasn't sure so I left them in), eating a scone and goat cheese sandwich and frogging the last row I knitted on the plane of the super sekrit project. It's all frogged now and I'm ready to go.

I'd have photos of my finished Gretel Hat, but I tripped on the cobblestones and smashed the filter on my camera. I think the lens is okay, but I can't get the broken lens off. Which means no more photos until I get that taken care of. *le sigh*

Anywho... I'm off to do something to keep me awake as I can't give in to the jet lag yet. I have a conference call in 3 hours I'm suppose to call in for. But my knees are sore enough from the fall that I don't want to wander around outside. Might just curl up on the couch and knit. Oh knitting, whatever did I do before you?


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