Takes Longer When You Frog Every Other Row

I leave for a trip to Europe in a couple of weeks. I have my super-fuzzy hat, but I thought it might be a good idea for me to have a second hat, seeing how I often get cold. I LOVED the look of the Gretel Hat that I made as part of the hat series. The way the cables wound together was just lovely. So I decided that I'd make one of those for myself. I picked up a skein of Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted on one of my many trips to ImagiKnits. It was rather difficult to pick which color... there are so many lovely shades of pink and red. I ended up choosing a lovely hot pink with just enough red to go with my new red jacket.

A Hat for Me

This pattern isn't particularly difficult. It does have a unique cast-on and uses some more advanced stitches (like the purl in the front and back). But I made this once before, and I didn't have the problems then that I'm having now. Maybe I was just more careful the first time?

The cast on method involves using some waste yarn. So what do I do? Stitch 4 rows in the waste yarn when I was only suppose to use it for casting on. Frogging #1. I announce this and E looks at me with a quizzical look on his face. "Frogging?" I smile and say "Yup... rip-it, rip-it, rip-it." He laughs.

I complete the 2x2 ribbing and get to the point where you start adding stitches. The pattern just says M1. But how should I make one? I can't remember how I did it the last time, so I decide that I'm going to make one purlwise. I even look up online to see how to do so. I go all the way around, making one purlwise the whole time. On the next row, I have to M1 again. But this time it says K2, M1, K1, P1. Huh. I have 2 knits now 3 purls on my needles. Guess I wasn't suppose to make one purlwise after all. So, I frog the whole row out. Frogging #2.

I decided that I will just use the reverse of my handy-dandy making one purlwise stitch to make one knitwise. Why not? I go most of the way around the row and realize that oops! This method, while invisible purlwise, it leaves a nice hole knitwise. So, I frog the row again. Frogging #3.

I reknit the row, using my standard method of knitting into the front and back to add the stitches I need over the next two rows. It looks lovely. Must remember to make a note on the pattern so I don't have to go through this again.

I continue stitching, including getting through the first cable with out a single croak. I'm suppose to knit a basic row around (one of the "setting rows" as I like to think of them), but move the start of the row forward 3 stitches before starting the row of twists. Of course, we are knee deep in the episode of BSG that we are watching when I get to this row. I knit the whole thing and then move right into the twists. Without moving the start of the row. Get within 6 stitches of the end of the row, go to move the start and realize that I'm a row off. I have twisted right on top of the cables, rather than having them offset by 3 so the twists appear between the cables. *sigh* I call it a night.

The next morning I wake up and frog the whole twisted row. This wasn't as hard as I was afraid it would be. And luckily there are only 144 or so stitches at this point. But it's still rather tedious and time consuming. I back up enough to move over the row start and then twist the next row. Looks much better. Frogging #4 complete.

The purl into front and back (pfd) comes back to me much faster than I thought it would. I didn't even have to look it up again. This yarn doesn't do the "pop" that the silk blend did, but it's still kind of fun. So far I've managed to stick to the pattern and not have to frog anything else.

It's slow going though... all those cables. I looked up the trick on how to knit cables without using a cable needle. Basically you just move them to the other needle and then move them back. I'm a bit afraid that I'll drop the live stitches as I'm moving them. But it's suppose to be faster, so maybe I'll try it. I have a little less than 2 weeks to finish this after all.

Gretel Hat:
Started: September 13, 2008


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