My Fingers Are Itchy

No, they aren't itchy from fondling too much wool. They are itchy to work on a project. Which project? Oh, any project. There are so many. My days are oh so packed lately. I spent a lovely, lovely time on Sunday and Monday quilting. And I'm looking forward to a pedicure tonight, not for the massage but because I can knit while my toes get painted.

Here's a list of what is currently in my active projects queue:

  • Kitmas sekrit knitting project 1

  • Kitmas sekrit knitting project 2

  • Knitted scarf for my nephew (to match the one for my niece that is finished)

  • Erik's Celtic Cable scarf

  • Tunic/basic pullover sweater

  • Wedding sekrit knitting project 1

  • Sekrit cross-stitch announcment

  • Dutch Tiles wall hangings

  • Beatrix Potter patchwork quilt

  • A dishrag (or two)

These projects are in process, but haven't been touched in months or, um, years:

  • Gracie's birth announcment

  • US States in cross-stitch

  • Beatrix Potter Colors cross-stitch

  • Pressed flowers quilt

  • Sandy's t-shirt quilt

  • Irish chain quilt

  • Quilt class pieced wall hanging

  • Cross-stitch silk sampler

  • Unicorn needlepoint

These need to be started soon:

  • Fabric box beta for wedding favors

  • Fabric runners for wedding

  • Fabric boxes for wedding favors (assuming beta goes well)

  • Wedding sekrit knitting projects 2-4

  • Knitted hat for Todd

There are probably more, but those are the ones I can remember. I really need to just quit my job and do nothing but craft all day long. Wouldn't that be fun? At least until all the money goes away.


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