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Chicks With Sticks

In an effort to get out of the house more often, I looked on Ravelry to see what local knitting groups were in San Francisco. The closest one to me is San Francisco Chicks with Sticks. It's a group that meets every week for cocktails and knitting at Bliss Bar in Noe Valley on Monday nights at 6:30. I thought I'd stop by there tonight and see what it's like.

Too Much Work, Not Enough Crafting

There's too much going on right now and not enough of it involving yarn or fabric. There are currently no commitments on the calendar this weekend, so I am planning on spending a lot of time quilting and knitting.

I was able to finish a roll brim hat for Todd on Tuesday night. It's the same as the one I made for Lantzilla, just smaller. Horus was kind enough to model it for me.

Horus Models Todd's Toque

Cori came over for Craft Night on Monday. We worked on a darling knitted owl kit she picked up at ImagiKnits. It had a tricky cast on and different way to add a stitch. Looks like it will be fun once she gets going.

I made progress on the Dutch Tiles quilts. The backing fabric arrived from Amsterdam. It's okay, but I don't lovelovelove it. The colors are a bit too faded for my taste. But it matches the front fabric and hey, it is the backing. Not like I have to look at it a lot.

I cut out backing for 3 of the 4 wall hangings, cut out batting for all of them, and basted one wall hanging. I have to get to a quilt shop this weekend and pick up some bobbins for my Viking sewing machine. I think I also need to get a walking foot for it. Will have to go through my stash of sewing machine parts again. I'd rather not use the Singer for the quilting of these if I can help it. It's fine for piecing, but I find it a bit hard to control for quilting.

I also made progress on the Beatrix Potter Patchwork quilt. There are 16 rows of 16 squares and I now have eight two-row units. I have to press the seams and then continue to stitch them together. It's amazing how much easier it is to match points when the seams are pressed in opposite directions. I need to get better at always doing that.

I have more drive to work on the Beatrix Potter quilt than the wall hangings right now. I really need to prioritize Kitmas gifts above all else. I just picked out a pattern for another Kitmas hat and I want to start on that too. It should be pretty easy to whip out.

We also need to start working on the wedding fabric boxes. We need to do the test run to make sure that we want to go the route of fabric boxes. So much to do!

Bags for Knitting

I never really gave much thought to what I kept my projects in while I'm working on them. Gallon Ziploc bags always seemed to work just fine. But one of our cats, Horus, loves to chew on plastic. He's quite obsessive about it, actually. He knows there is a stash of plastic in my knitting bag, and will poke his head in and chomp away. It was driving me rather crazy.

Last night, as we were driving back from a housewarming, I had the brilliant idea that I could use some of my quilting fat quarters and make some small bags. Easy-peasy!

My technique definitely improved with each bag that I made. The first one I sewed up the sides, stitched along the top to make a nice roomy tube for the ribbon, and completely sealed the thing shut. Opps. I pulled out a few stitches and stuck the ribbon in anyway. It looked, eh, okay. And I moved on to the next one. This time I had the idea that I could put button holes in for the ribbon to stick out of. It took me a couple of times before my button holes looked okay (hey, it's been awhile... I had to get out the manual for my sewing machine to remember how to do it).

By the fourth bag I decided that they really looked better with finished edges at the top. So I went back and turned the ends over on the first three. I also completely redid the top of the first bag, including adding button holes. This is my favorite fabric (the Chinese kitties) and now my favorite bag, since it is the best one.

I'm just tickled over these. It's such a simple thing, and only took a few hours to do. But I love the way they look. And so far no cat chews!

Cloth Bags for Knitting:
Started: November 9, 2008
Finished: November 9, 2008

Lantzilla Likes His Hat

I finally was able to get Lantzilla his toque. He posted this photo this morning.

Photo of Lantzilla with his hat.

I'm glad that he likes it. And it looks like it fits great. Yay!


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