Bags for Knitting

I never really gave much thought to what I kept my projects in while I'm working on them. Gallon Ziploc bags always seemed to work just fine. But one of our cats, Horus, loves to chew on plastic. He's quite obsessive about it, actually. He knows there is a stash of plastic in my knitting bag, and will poke his head in and chomp away. It was driving me rather crazy.

Last night, as we were driving back from a housewarming, I had the brilliant idea that I could use some of my quilting fat quarters and make some small bags. Easy-peasy!

My technique definitely improved with each bag that I made. The first one I sewed up the sides, stitched along the top to make a nice roomy tube for the ribbon, and completely sealed the thing shut. Opps. I pulled out a few stitches and stuck the ribbon in anyway. It looked, eh, okay. And I moved on to the next one. This time I had the idea that I could put button holes in for the ribbon to stick out of. It took me a couple of times before my button holes looked okay (hey, it's been awhile... I had to get out the manual for my sewing machine to remember how to do it).

By the fourth bag I decided that they really looked better with finished edges at the top. So I went back and turned the ends over on the first three. I also completely redid the top of the first bag, including adding button holes. This is my favorite fabric (the Chinese kitties) and now my favorite bag, since it is the best one.

I'm just tickled over these. It's such a simple thing, and only took a few hours to do. But I love the way they look. And so far no cat chews!

Cloth Bags for Knitting:
Started: November 9, 2008
Finished: November 9, 2008


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