Does Baking Count As a Craft?

Things are pretty crazy right now around my house. We are hosting a Boxing Day Brunch and are cooking all the food for it. It's lovely and wonderful and I *LOVE* doing it. But it does make for some rather full days.

Today I started the baking. I made sugar cookie dough, raspberry swirl cookie dough, my sister-in-law's chocolate sandwich cookies, pinwheel cookies, and peanut butter kiss cookies.

I'm a cookie baking MACHINE

Tomorrow I'm going to bake the sugar cookies and raspberry swirls. I'm also going to make my Great Aunt Ruth's candy cane cookies. And I thought I'd try a new one: lime something-somethings. We'll see how it goes.

Day One

I also need to make the stock for the risotto, the cranberry bread, and the monkey bread for Christmas morning. All by 4, which is when we are headed over to a friends' house for Christmas Eve. Me thinks my day will start early.

I also am trying to get two stockings done. Hahahahahahaha, yes, I know. But we'll see. Even if I end up with just a Christmas tube for the second one, I'll be happy.

Erik's Christmas Tube, 6:45 PM

E's fair isle snowflake stocking is coming along nicely. It took me awhile to figure out how to do the heel, but now things seem to be moving again. I'm planning on making the second one solid green with a white border, heel, and toe. That should go a lot faster.

Erik's Stocking, 2:20 AM

I'm really happy with how it's coming out. The tension varies a bit, but since this won't actually be worn, I think it will be okay.


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