I Love My Viking!

A little over a year ago, my mother upgraded her Husqvarna Viking sewing machine to a newer model. I had gone to see my folks while on the East Coast for a business trip and they gave me her older one. I already had her Singer machine from the early 70s, a machine that is as old or older than me. My step-dad packed up the machine super well and I carried on the train from CT to Philly, and then on the plane back to San Francisco.

The Viking sat in it's well-packed box for about a year. This machine is quite the upgrade from the Singer. It scared me. The idea of a sewing machine with a computer felt a bit intimidating (which is kinda funny given how much I use computers on a daily basis). When I reorganized my craft room, I unpacked the Viking and set it up on the work table. But there it sat... until this weekend.

I've been working on these wall hanging quilts with the Dutch fabric. I've been using the Singer to do all the piecing, since I was afraid that the Viking would take too long to learn how to use. But the Singer has been acting up a lot lately. There is something off with the tension in the bobbin and it keeps breaking the thread. This is really annoying since I now can't stitch more than 4 inches without having to stop and rethread the needle. I quilted one of the wall hangings with the Singer and was so frustrated that I decided it would be worth trying the Viking.

OH MY GOD! I can't believe I was afraid of this machine. It has changed my life. All I've done so far is stitch straight lines, but that in itself is amazing. Straight! Lines! The thing I love most about this machine is the speed control. The Singer is either painfully slow or omgfullspeedaheadcrazyfast. Which leads to very uneven stitches, no matter how hard I try. But the Viking... it paces itself. The biggest problem I have is that I get hypnotized watching the needle go up and down and my eyes go out of focus and the line swerves. And it's quiet, so quiet. Ahhhhh....

I've now finished the two little wall hangings and quilted the third last night. I'm going to add a bigger border to the last one, since I have so much backing fabric left over. I find that I'm looking around trying to find other things to sew, just so I can keep using the machine. Stay tuned for photos... I was so excited about quilting last night I forgot to snap any pics.


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