Yet Another Hat

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I'm working yet another hat project. This one is also a gift, so I will decline to say for whom (if you end up opening this on Kitmas, please, act surprised). I cast it on this weekend (picked up the yarn on Saturday) and started working on it. But while on the plane out to Austin on Sunday I decided that it was too small and would make the next size up.

Cable Hat

My fingers are itching to work on it again. I made good progress on it Sunday night (finished up the first skein). It shouldn't take that long to finish. I'm realizing that Erik's cable scarf really tweaked what my expectations for working with cables are. There were so many types of twists and turns in that pattern. And the Gretel hat too had lots of different cables. This one feels so easy in comparison. It reminds me a bit of a pattern that you would find at the Gap or something, and that disappoints me a bit. I don't want anyone to think I bought this.

I am so loving the knitting bags that I put together last month. They were so worth the time. I took a photo of my traveling knitting kit.

Traveling Knitting Kit

I have all the yarn and needles that I will need, a tapestry needle, tape measure (that's the sheep), stitch counter, cable needle, and oh yes, the pattern. The bags are the perfect size to carry all this around in.

Gingerbread Cable Hat
Started: Dec 6

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