Stockings & Hands

I was able to finish E's stocking before Christmas. It was about 11:30 PM on Christmas Eve when I finished weaving in the ends, but hey. It was before Christmas!

Erik's Christmas Stocking

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. The pattern is quite lovely. And most importantly, E loves it.

I also made a stocking for his mom, since she joined us on Christmas Day. Since I started it on Christmas Eve, it wasn't done in time for Christmas. She had the long standing traditional Christmas Tube instead.

Loree's Christmas Tube

I was able to finish it by the 27th though, so she did see the finished product before flying back to CT. It's amazing how much faster it was just doing the solid color.

Loree's Finished Stocking

The bad news with all this knitting is that I have completely burned my hands out. It started with the marathon knitting at the beginning of the month to complete the shrug. I've tried very hard not to knit anything for the past week. I worked a bit on a hat for me on New Year's Eve and that was enough to send me back into pain. At it's worst, I have numbness in 2 fingers, pain in the joints and bones, and a deep ache in my wrist.

I realized that all my hobbies involve fine, repetitive motions with my hands: knitting, quilting, cross-stitch. It's made the last days of vacation tortuous, as I had been so looking forward to crafting and now I can't. The good news is my hands do seem to be responding to three days of rest. The bad new is that better is not the same as good. They still hurt and the joints are stiff, just not nearly as badly. I've been doing some stretches and am going to see the acupuncturist this week. I'm hoping with another week of rest they will recover. I can't imagine not making things with my hands -- I have to figure out how to take care of them while still using them.


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