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Watermelon Self-Striping Yarn!

This is the most adorable yarn that I have ever seen.

Freshisle Fibers sells self-striping sock yarn that looks like watermelons! It's so cute! It's hand-dyed with wool from the sheep of Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. They also have other wonderful looking yarns, of the striping variety and not.

Sadly, they are out of stock of all their watermelon yarns. Hopefully they will make some more soon. I gotta get me some of THAT!

Stash Envy

I just stumbled upon the most lovely quilting blog, Oh Fransson, by Elizabeth Hartman.

I am totally in love with her fabric closet. Seriously... head over to her site and check out the photos of her stash. My heart goes pitter patter at all the organized colored lovelyness.

This weekend I updated my yarn stash listing over at Ravelry. I took all kinds of photos of yarn, which I will spare you here. But I did snap this pic of the wool drawer of my stash. Mmm... yarn.

Wool Stash

Goodbye Craft Magazine

Craft Magazine was a cute little hipster magazine put out by the makers of Make Magazine. They announced today that they are ceasing their print publication and Craft will continue on as a web-only publication.

Covers of Craft magazine.

I have issues 1-8 of Craft. I feel a bit guilty to hear that they are closing down, as I didn't renew my subscription when we started heavy-duty wedding savings. I'd like to get the last two issues, just so I have the complete set. There was usually a project or two in each issue that were interesting.

I also subscribe to the RSS feed for the Craft Blog. I have to admit, I enjoy it more than I did the printed version. Though it does often overlap with Curbly and some other crafty blogs that I read. It often makes me laugh how I'll see the same project picked up and posted on multiple sites. I guess it should make me feel good that I'm staying up-to-date. Or something.

RIP printed Craft Magazine. I knew you when.

A Yarn By Any Other Name...

As a rule, I don't like to buy yarn on the internet sight unseen. If I have seen the yarn in person, or have a really good idea of what it will be like, I'll get it online. But generally I like to feel the yarn before I purchase it.

Last week though, I didn't do that. I purchased two skeins on a total impulse, with nothing but the hint of what it might be like. What prompted me to such reckless, stash filling behavior?

I had found a link to this:

Chiara Yarn

I *HAD* to buy it. The yarn has my name! It still seems strange to me to look at the tag and see my name printed on it. The yarn is a lovely mohair blend. I got the dark charcoal color, which has bits of silver running through it.

I've already picked out the pattern on Raverly that I'm going to make with it. It's a lacy scarf. It's really hard not to abandon my other projects that are in flight to start working on this one. I mean, YARN. WITH MY NAME! *squee*

And a Matching Scarf

I loved the Gingerbread cable hat that I made for Joann for Christmas so much, that I decided to make one for myself. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though I may make it a bit deeper. It's lovely soft and warm -- I wore it during the inauguration.

Variegated Gingerbread Hat

I think it would have been better in a solid color, but I had this variegated Merino wool and figured I might as well use it. I had used this yarn to make an Amanda hat for myself, but I didn't like how it turned out at all. It works much better in this incarnation. Seeing how I have a number of balls left over after the hat, I decided to make a matching scarf.

Cabled Scarf

I love the gingerbread cable and luckily the pattern was pretty easy to modify. And the ladder stripes between the cables help so the edges don't roll up.

Cabled Scarf, Detail

It's a little on the thin side, but I'd much rather have a longer than wider scarf. Given how much I have left, I figured I'd err on the skinny side. It's a pretty quick knit, though I have a number of projects going at the moment, so this one has been quiet for a few weeks. The fact that it is quickly becoming too warm for scarves means this one may sit on the back burner for a bit.


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