And a Matching Scarf

I loved the Gingerbread cable hat that I made for Joann for Christmas so much, that I decided to make one for myself. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though I may make it a bit deeper. It's lovely soft and warm -- I wore it during the inauguration.

Variegated Gingerbread Hat

I think it would have been better in a solid color, but I had this variegated Merino wool and figured I might as well use it. I had used this yarn to make an Amanda hat for myself, but I didn't like how it turned out at all. It works much better in this incarnation. Seeing how I have a number of balls left over after the hat, I decided to make a matching scarf.

Cabled Scarf

I love the gingerbread cable and luckily the pattern was pretty easy to modify. And the ladder stripes between the cables help so the edges don't roll up.

Cabled Scarf, Detail

It's a little on the thin side, but I'd much rather have a longer than wider scarf. Given how much I have left, I figured I'd err on the skinny side. It's a pretty quick knit, though I have a number of projects going at the moment, so this one has been quiet for a few weeks. The fact that it is quickly becoming too warm for scarves means this one may sit on the back burner for a bit.


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