Goodbye Craft Magazine

Craft Magazine was a cute little hipster magazine put out by the makers of Make Magazine. They announced today that they are ceasing their print publication and Craft will continue on as a web-only publication.

Covers of Craft magazine.

I have issues 1-8 of Craft. I feel a bit guilty to hear that they are closing down, as I didn't renew my subscription when we started heavy-duty wedding savings. I'd like to get the last two issues, just so I have the complete set. There was usually a project or two in each issue that were interesting.

I also subscribe to the RSS feed for the Craft Blog. I have to admit, I enjoy it more than I did the printed version. Though it does often overlap with Curbly and some other crafty blogs that I read. It often makes me laugh how I'll see the same project picked up and posted on multiple sites. I guess it should make me feel good that I'm staying up-to-date. Or something.

RIP printed Craft Magazine. I knew you when.


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