Itchy Fingers

Can you all do me a favor and look for the past month, which I seem to have lost? I'm worried that it's stuck under a sofa cushion or fell behind a bookcase. I have no idea how it got the be the end of April. I swear it was just March. The crafting has taken a back seat for me lately, which is sad and really starting to wear on me.

The good news is that we are all settled into our new home. We're renting a lovely Victorian (built in 1875, so take that earthquakes!) and E and I each have our own rooms upstairs. My room doubles as the spare bedroom. But it means I can use the bed as a big flat workspace. I'm not sure where to set-up my sewing machine yet. But the bins for the stash are all organized. There's a big window in the corner that lets lots of light in. I can't wait to start working in there.

Pictures soon, I promise! As soon as I can remember where I put the camera.


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