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Next Up... Sorta

You'll never guess what I did this weekend -- KNIT!

It was so lovely. The house is finally unpacked and put together so we can just live in it, rather than be always working on it. So very nice.

I made lots of progress on Super Sekrit Wedding Project #1. Over 2/3 of the way done now. Sadly I can't really show it to you all until after August 8. I have 3 more Super Sekrit Wedding Projects to do too. So as soon as I finish this one I get to jump right into the next one. It's all good. I finally have the pattern down pat. And the yarn is so lovely to hold.

I did go and buy yarn to make the sweater that's in the photo here. It's the Susie Hoodie from the More Big Girl Knits book.

I'm finding that I really want a jacket that I can wear that isn't as heavy as my red wool coat, but is more dressy than a hoodie or the parka shell. I think this will fit the bill.

I don't get to start working on it until I've finished all the Super Sekrit Projects though. It's so hard though. I have 19 skeins of Knit Pick's Wool of the Andes in black cherry that keep calling to me from the craft room.

I'm a bit intimidated by a project this big. But the majority of the pattern is stockinette, so that should go quick, right? I read through the pattern yesterday and I'm a bit confused as to how the sleeves get attached. It seems there is little in the way of seaming. I'm sure it will make sense once I have part of it in front of me for reference.


The Craftzine Blog has been on a roll lately. They have another great link today.

The Haptic Lab makes handmade quilts of maps. They do ones for Brooklyn or you can commission one of your favorite location.

I love the puckering that the stitches makes. I'm sure it feels amazing under the fingers, especially since they make them in dupioni silk. My brain is churning on the best way to get the map transferred to the fabric. There's so much fun that you could have with this. Green thread around parks. Blue around blocks with libraries and schools. Though the single color does add a certain something to the overall effect.

I'll have to add this to the pile of inspiring ideas.

Bad-Mouthed Beatrix Potter Embroidery

I'm not sure how I came upon the Mr. X Stitch blog. I think it may have been on the Craft Magazine's blog's post about male crafters.

Anyway, he featured this woman's work for his Craftster Pick of the Week.

TheMisstressT made something special for a friend who is battling cancer. She took a piece of Beatrix Potter toile of Jemima Puddleduck and the Fancy Whiskered Gentleman, and made this:

OMG it made me laugh. Be sure to go to his post to see all the images. It's so lovely.


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