Susie Hoodie, In Progress

I am having the greatest fun working on this sweater. I started it right after the wedding and I just started the sleeves this weekend.

Sweater Front

The color doesn't come out quite right on the iPhone. It's a deep mauvy-purplish-red. Just lovely.

Here's the back. The series of increases and decreases makes the point at the back automatically. I just love that little touch.

Sweater Back

The cables on the front and sleeves have given me only a bit of trouble. It's not that it's difficult, it's that you have to pay attention. And since I usually knit while watching TV or a movie, well, you know how it goes.

Sweater Cuff

But just look at that cable! I love the little pockets between the cables. It's the perfect size for fingers and feels so fun. Yes, I pet my yarn and knitting. Doesn't everyone?

Sweater Cuff, Detail

Susie Hoodie:
Started: August 13, 2009


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