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Pardon Our Dust

Hey, it has been awhile, hasn't it. It's not that I haven't been thinking of you, I swear. Lots has been going on.

Since the last post, I moved, again. I now share my craft room with E's office. And it still isn't fully unpacked. Which means I haven't really been able to sew at all. Which sucks. Luckily the piles have been shrinking lately, so I hope to have a work space soon.

I have finished a few projects the past few months. Stay tuned for photos and updates of that.

Sorry about the design of the site., where this blog is hosted, was hacked a bit ago and we had to rebuild everything from scratch. Well, E had to rebuild it. I just provided snacks and emotional support. We finally upgraded to the latest version of Moveable Type (YAY!) but it's taken awhile to get all the bugs worked out. Hopefully I'll get the colors back to being right soon. But at least it has some kind of style applied.

And I lost almost 2 hours this morning to deleting comment spam and closing comments on past posts. I'm thinking that I may need to add Captcha or some such to help rein in the spammers. They make me angry. And angry means less crafting, which is sad.

Hopefully this bit of spring cleaning will make it a nicer place to blog again. Ahhh. Clean.


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