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I'm Back!

I landed back in San Francisco late last night. Man, I don't know what time it is or what day or anything. I've slowly been going through my bags, putting stuff away. I managed to pick up some crafty things on my travels, and thought I would share them with you all.

In Amsterdam, I went to this neat quilt shop called Den Haan & Wagenmakers. If you are ever in Amsterdam, I highly recommend you go! They are not far from Dam Square. The shop is chock full of their lovely fabrics, with lots of kits and examples of how you might put them together. There is also a cute little quilt shop right next door, which was more of traditional quilt shop, more like what you'd find in the states.

Fabric for the Quilt

I picked up a kit, which included the fabric above. It makes a small wall hanging quilt of different squares. Should be quite nice when finished.

Dutch Tile Fabric

I also picked up this tile fabric and a set of fat quarters. They showed an example of the tiles cut with the fat quarters fabric as a border. I originally got this as a gift for my mother, by I love the fabric so much I may have to keep it for myself.

We past a cute little crafty shop while in Skagen, and I was sure to go back before we left in the morning. The shop was a strange mixture of yarns, fabric, cross-stitch kits and clothing. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for how things were organized in the shop.

Christmas Table Cloth Kit

I did find this Christmas tablecloth kit though, and decided that it was worth it. It seems to be a more traditional design. The woman at the shop commented that it was "a big project" but we both agreed that it will be lovely when complete. I may or may not stitch the words in Danish... might change it to English. We'll see.

In Copenhagen, I went to a number of knitting stores. One of the stores, Sommerfuglen, had yarn, cross-stitch and embroidery, as well as fabric for quilting. I almost got a pattern for a lovely cardigan, but I was afraid that the directions would be too hard given that they were only in Danish. They also had some lovely cross-stitched maps of Denmark that I was really tempted by as well.

Blomster, Blade Og Baer I Korssting

In the end, I decided to get this book of cross-stitch wreaths and flowers. It's easy to follow the patterns, since it doesn't matter that they are in Danish.

I also picked up some yarn while I was at Uldstedet. This was a cute little shop with a fairly good selection, though not as large as Sommerfuglen. I went back and forth and back and forth over which yarn to get. They had a wide range of colors and it was so hard to decide.

Tvinni Alpaca

In the end I settled on this denim blue fingerling-weight yarn. It's Alpaca, so it's very soft. I don't have a pattern to use it in yet. I'm sure three skeins will be either way too much or not enough.

Amsterdam Craft Stores

I really should be in bed sleeping, but I'm going to blame my awakeness on the jet lag. I did a search yesterday and found a number of shops for yarn and quilt fabric here in Amsterdam. I haven't had a chance to go over there yet, since I'm attending the EuroIA conference today and tomorrow. But I will go over next week. Here's where I'm going.

Den Hann & Wagenmakers. URL is Make their own cotton chintz fabric.

The Albert Cuuyp Straat Market is listed as the best place for fabric in the city.

Afstap is a yarn shop on De Oude Leliestraat.

Maglia on Bloemdwstr is a yarn shop that is said to be organized solely by color. They have over 800 colors. I can't wait to go there just to take photos of it!

ImagiKnits in San Francisco

I needed some yarn for a couple of hat projects I've decided to start. Rather than trek over to Noe Valley, to Noe Knits, where I usually go for yarn, I decided I'd try one of the other shops in the city. I went over to ImagiKnit in the Mission/Castro.

How is it that I have never been there before? What a lovely store. It's been awhile since I've seen such a wonderful selection of yarns. Their bins go from floor to ceiling. And they are organized by gauge, so as you walk around the room they go from thin to thick. The first room is all wool and animal fibers. The second room seems to be all non-animal, e.g., cottons, silks, bamboo, etc.

I was able to get a lovely collection of yarns for the hats. I also picked up more needles, as I only had one size double pointed needles. They had a lot of brands of needles that I had never seen before. I was able to pick up a pair of addi double pointed (which I can't wait to use). I did get a pair that turned out to be more of a flexible plastic than I realized. Sadly, I've already broken off the tips of two of them (this cast on for the hat is rather tight). I'm not really amused.

I will definitely keep these guys in mind the next time I need supplies. They are on the corner of 18th and Sanchez. There were a number of Muni lines that run right along there. And I was able to find street parking at 6:00 without a problem. Yay!

(Photos from the ImagiKnit website. Next time I'll remember to take some shots.)

A Blog Is Born!

Yesterday was day two of the BlogHer conference. During the lunch break, I wandered out to Union Square to get some fresh air and I hoped a bit of sun. Across the square I saw the sign for Needlepoint, Inc. I have been past this shop many times. But in my seven years of living in the San Francisco Bay Area I had never been. I decided to fix that.

I wandered up to the second floor and found myself in a rich, full world of floss, yarn and canvas. The shop is packed to the gills. One whole wall is nothing but floss and yarn. The display of silk threads is dazzling, so many shimmery colors, from floor to ceiling. I wandered through the shop, looking lovingly at the hand painted canvases. They were works of art in and of themselves, before a strand of thread was even woven into them. And then I saw them... the quilt of Beatrix Potter characters. And I lost all sense of reserve. I'll post separately of what I picked up.

I walked back to the conference, giddy with my new purchase. But really, what was I thinking? Yet another project for me to work on? I barely have time to work on the things I've already started, yet alone take on a 10 panel needlepointed quilt.

And that's when it hit me. I needed another blog. (Yes, still another project). I'm very poor at recording the work that I do. I often make things for others, and after I've gifted them I have nothing to look back on. And perhaps there are others you might be interested in my craftiness.

So... there you go. I'll be filling out the site as quickly as I can. I'm torn between wanting to work on this AND any of my many crafting projects. If only I could type and stitch at the same time.


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