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Reorganized Stash


I just spent a hour going through my crafting stash. I realized, now that I'm done, that I should have taken photos along the way. The before, the after, the mess during. But oh well. This will be a boring text post instead. The lighting in the office is crappy and my camera takes too much effort to process the photos anyway.

So... crafting stash. Wow. I have A LOT of stuff. There are three main areas: quilting/sewing, yarn, and needlepoint/cross stitch/embroidery. The yarn and knitting stuff is pretty much under control, as that is what I have been messing with the most these days. Though, honestly, "these days" really means a "last touched a few months ago." Sad. I really need to get back to making stuff.

So, the yarn! It's basically contained in four areas. I have a nifty knitting basket that has all my works in progress, stitch holders, needles, and assorted fiddly bits. I have a mess of large plastic bins that I got at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The kind that are pull-out drawers. One of those is full of wool and another is full of non-wool yarns. I keep them separate so if I make something for a friend allergic to wool they won't have any lanolin that has rubbed off onto their yarn. Not sure if that is an actual issue or not, but it's an easy thing to do and I'd rather be safe than them itchy. There's also a three-ring binder of patterns.

There are eight more of the large pull-out bins, and six small pull-outs. Plus a little tower of three drawers. One of the large bins is now all needlepoint kits, canvases, Aida cloth, special embroidery yarn (that isn't in the floss packs), that kind of stuff. I found the unicorn needlepoint that I've been "working on" since I was in middle school. I swear to cod I will finish that thing before I die!

All the other bins are full of fabric. Yes, that's a lot of fabric. But if you had ever been to my mother's house, you would understand where I get this from and know that I'm Really Not That Bad. Two bins are for large pieces of left over fabric from costume making and other sewing projects, and some bits and pieces that I think would be great stash pieces/recycling.

There's one official stash drawer, that has all the fat quarters, and the smaller pieces from past projects that can be used for future projects that need random little bits. There's also a small drawer of medium-sized (e.g., half-yard or so) fabric pieces. I have three small bins of quilts in process, which contain all the cut out pieces and in various stages of sewn parts of four quilts. Then there is the bin of unfinished projects. These are quilt tops that need to be basted and quilted, and another quilt in process (yes, that makes five). There is a small bin of finished items. A small bin for mending. Two small bins for random tools and miscellaneous bits.

And one drawer has not been put away yet. It's still sitting in the middle of the office floor. This is the bin with all the old T-shirts. Having pack rat tendencies myself, and marrying a pack rat, we have this thing where we are semi-mentally attached to old T-shirts. There's a vague plan of cutting them up and making a quilt out of them. So far that hasn't happened, but no quilting has happened of any kind in almost two years, so it's nothing personal to that project. I think we need to do a culling of the T-shirts though, because that is going to be quilt big enough to cover the whole living room if we use all of them. Which is why they are sitting on the floor, so E can go through them with me.

The other piece of the crafting stash is all the patterns and smaller kits. These are also in plastic bins. But when I moved all my patterns to these bins I did a pretty good job of organizing them, so I didn't feel the need to go through them again.

I was surprised that I didn't have very much feline supervision. Ripley did wander though and sit in some of the boxes. But mostly they all just slept. They got into the garage today and I think that pretty much exhausted all of them. All three of them were covered in cobwebs when I finally wrangled them back upstairs.

Now I just have to go through the boxes of papers and do the filing. There are still 6 moving boxes that I need to go through, plus surface piles of filing. That part is harder since a lot of it is E's stuff and he has to go through it too. But the room is getting there. It's certainly better than it was.

Pardon Our Dust

Hey, it has been awhile, hasn't it. It's not that I haven't been thinking of you, I swear. Lots has been going on.

Since the last post, I moved, again. I now share my craft room with E's office. And it still isn't fully unpacked. Which means I haven't really been able to sew at all. Which sucks. Luckily the piles have been shrinking lately, so I hope to have a work space soon.

I have finished a few projects the past few months. Stay tuned for photos and updates of that.

Sorry about the design of the site., where this blog is hosted, was hacked a bit ago and we had to rebuild everything from scratch. Well, E had to rebuild it. I just provided snacks and emotional support. We finally upgraded to the latest version of Moveable Type (YAY!) but it's taken awhile to get all the bugs worked out. Hopefully I'll get the colors back to being right soon. But at least it has some kind of style applied.

And I lost almost 2 hours this morning to deleting comment spam and closing comments on past posts. I'm thinking that I may need to add Captcha or some such to help rein in the spammers. They make me angry. And angry means less crafting, which is sad.

Hopefully this bit of spring cleaning will make it a nicer place to blog again. Ahhh. Clean.

I Am Cupcake!

The felted cupcake is a hit! It's making the rounds of the office. When someone does something good (no matter how big or small) the current cupcake holder passes the cupcake on to the good-doer.

I Am Cupcake

I love Leslie's line drawing of the cupcake. It looks better than my felted one!

Berkeley Humane Society Needs Your Help

Please re-post to boost the signal.

They had a fire this morning that destroyed most of their facility and killed several animals. They need donations, volunteers to help with clean-up, and people to temporarily foster pets.

Itchy Fingers

Can you all do me a favor and look for the past month, which I seem to have lost? I'm worried that it's stuck under a sofa cushion or fell behind a bookcase. I have no idea how it got the be the end of April. I swear it was just March. The crafting has taken a back seat for me lately, which is sad and really starting to wear on me.

The good news is that we are all settled into our new home. We're renting a lovely Victorian (built in 1875, so take that earthquakes!) and E and I each have our own rooms upstairs. My room doubles as the spare bedroom. But it means I can use the bed as a big flat workspace. I'm not sure where to set-up my sewing machine yet. But the bins for the stash are all organized. There's a big window in the corner that lets lots of light in. I can't wait to start working in there.

Pictures soon, I promise! As soon as I can remember where I put the camera.

Goodbye Craft Magazine

Craft Magazine was a cute little hipster magazine put out by the makers of Make Magazine. They announced today that they are ceasing their print publication and Craft will continue on as a web-only publication.

Covers of Craft magazine.

I have issues 1-8 of Craft. I feel a bit guilty to hear that they are closing down, as I didn't renew my subscription when we started heavy-duty wedding savings. I'd like to get the last two issues, just so I have the complete set. There was usually a project or two in each issue that were interesting.

I also subscribe to the RSS feed for the Craft Blog. I have to admit, I enjoy it more than I did the printed version. Though it does often overlap with Curbly and some other crafty blogs that I read. It often makes me laugh how I'll see the same project picked up and posted on multiple sites. I guess it should make me feel good that I'm staying up-to-date. Or something.

RIP printed Craft Magazine. I knew you when.

My Fingers Are Itchy

No, they aren't itchy from fondling too much wool. They are itchy to work on a project. Which project? Oh, any project. There are so many. My days are oh so packed lately. I spent a lovely, lovely time on Sunday and Monday quilting. And I'm looking forward to a pedicure tonight, not for the massage but because I can knit while my toes get painted.

Here's a list of what is currently in my active projects queue:

  • Kitmas sekrit knitting project 1

  • Kitmas sekrit knitting project 2

  • Knitted scarf for my nephew (to match the one for my niece that is finished)

  • Erik's Celtic Cable scarf

  • Tunic/basic pullover sweater

  • Wedding sekrit knitting project 1

  • Sekrit cross-stitch announcment

  • Dutch Tiles wall hangings

  • Beatrix Potter patchwork quilt

  • A dishrag (or two)

These projects are in process, but haven't been touched in months or, um, years:

  • Gracie's birth announcment

  • US States in cross-stitch

  • Beatrix Potter Colors cross-stitch

  • Pressed flowers quilt

  • Sandy's t-shirt quilt

  • Irish chain quilt

  • Quilt class pieced wall hanging

  • Cross-stitch silk sampler

  • Unicorn needlepoint

These need to be started soon:

  • Fabric box beta for wedding favors

  • Fabric runners for wedding

  • Fabric boxes for wedding favors (assuming beta goes well)

  • Wedding sekrit knitting projects 2-4

  • Knitted hat for Todd

There are probably more, but those are the ones I can remember. I really need to just quit my job and do nothing but craft all day long. Wouldn't that be fun? At least until all the money goes away.

Posting Light, Crafting Still Heavy

Posting here is going to be light over the next few weeks. I'm on a business trip and vacation in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Malmö. Woohoo! I'm still knitting (I was able to get 2/3 done on a super sekrit kitmas project on the plane ride over here), but I'm also doing a lot of other stuff.

I was all excited today as I was wondering around Amsterdam, trying to soak up the lovely sun to reset my body clock, and I saw a shop named "Sweet Stitches" across the street. I had to go look and see what they had. But on closer inspection the store was actually named "Sweet Snacks." Silly fancy fonts on the sign made that less than clear. Oh well. I'm still determined to find a crafty store while I'm here.

I spent a late lunch in a nice little cafe, drinking fresh mint tea (are you suppose to take the sprigs of mint out of the water before you drink it? I wasn't sure so I left them in), eating a scone and goat cheese sandwich and frogging the last row I knitted on the plane of the super sekrit project. It's all frogged now and I'm ready to go.

I'd have photos of my finished Gretel Hat, but I tripped on the cobblestones and smashed the filter on my camera. I think the lens is okay, but I can't get the broken lens off. Which means no more photos until I get that taken care of. *le sigh*

Anywho... I'm off to do something to keep me awake as I can't give in to the jet lag yet. I have a conference call in 3 hours I'm suppose to call in for. But my knees are sore enough from the fall that I don't want to wander around outside. Might just curl up on the couch and knit. Oh knitting, whatever did I do before you?

Quick Update

Google Analytics tells me that I got Stumbled this weekend. If you are here from Stumble, welcome!

Things have been quiet here online of late, but not because things are quiet in the real world. I'm finishing up a project for work, so much of my usual post time has been consumed by worky-work.

My mother-in-law-to-be has been staying with us for the past week. We went to Carmel this weekend for some fun R&R and to meet with the wedding caterer and check out the site again. I'm all excited and full of wedding ideas now.

I was able to get some knitting done. Lantzilla's hat is now done! Yay. I brought it with me in the car to Carmel and got a few more rows done when I realized I had forgotten to bring the double pointed needles with me. DOH! Luckily I had what I needed to work on another dishrag with me. I'm not sure I like the pattern (well, the pattern is fine, I'm just not sure how effective of a dishrag it will be) but we'll see when it's done. Photos to come soon!

Tonight is my Monthly Craft Night. I'm hoping to do some more work on E's cabled scarf. I'll try to remember to take some photos of everyone. Yay Craft Night!

Bringing Order to the Chaos

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We have two rooms upstairs in the house, our bedroom and another room we call the Sitting Room or Craft Room. You have to walk through this room to get to the bedroom. It's mostly become a dumping ground for things we can't figure out where to put. It's been too disorganized to really craft in it, even after I got a 6-foot table as a work space. So, this weekend I decided that it was time to reclaim the room!

I picked up 5 large drawer-like bins and two smaller ones at Bed Bath and Beyond. (They even took my expired coupons and let me use one per bin! It was like getting the two smaller ones for free!) I may end up going back to get some more so I can replace the older bins with the drawer-like ones. It really makes it so much easier to get to stuff.

It was actually a lot of fun to go through all the bins and see what I have collected over the years. There are a lot of really beautiful patterns and projects in those boxes! I was surprised at the number of quilts that I have in various states of construction: at least 5. I was also surprised at all the fabric that I had picked up to make into gifts for people. Many of whom are no longer in my life. I'm not 100% sure what to do with it... perhaps I'll donate it to the place in Berkeley that takes in random craft supplies.

If you check the last photo on Flickr, I've annotated all the bins so you can see what is where. (Mostly this is for my own reference.) My yarn stash is actually kept downstairs. I usually knit while watching TV downstairs, and it's much more convenient to have it there in easy reach.

I don't have a photo of the crafting table because it is currently covered with E's tools. He finished installing the ceiling fan in the bedroom (it looks and works GREAT!) As so as he cleans up his stuff I'll set up the table for quilting. I think I'll drape a sheet over it so I don't get kitty litter dust all over everything (which was another reason to replace the open drawers with enclosed ones).


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